Thacia van Arendonk

Hip Hop / Jazz / Contemporary

Thacia has Advanced level training in various styles of dance, including Jazz, Hip Hop, Contemporary, Ballet and Tap. She has been a member of the AMJAZZ family since 2003 and has been teaching for AMJAZZ for approximately 11 years.
Thacia has competed nationally and internationally from a young age, including at the World Hip Hop Championships a handful of times. She has made television appearances on live shows such as the New Zealand X-Factor, and Breakfast NZ.
Thacia has recently returned from a year of dancing professionally in New York City, where she performed at iconic venues such as Alvin Ailey Theatre in Manhattan, and in reputable shows such as the Choreographers Carnival. She worked with a variety of esteemed choreographers, who she maintains relationships with to this day.