AMJAZZ is committed to doing everything we can to ensure that the studio, a second home for most of our AMJAZZ dancers and families, remains safe. It is important to us that our dancers have a safe haven in challenging times and we would like the studio to remain that way.  With this is mind we have set out below our Covid-19 Policy (subject to Change at any time in Accordance with Government Policy).

For AMJAZZ to continue operating and offering our classes throughout all levels of the Covid-19 Protection Framework (or the traffic light system) we are required to follow the vaccine pass requirements (set out by the New Zealand Government).  This will mean that AMJAZZ dancers over the age of 12yrs + 3mths will be required to be fully vaccinated and to present their My Vaccine Pass to the AMJAZZ office.  Your privacy is important to us and any emails sent with this information attached will be deleted on your behalf. No information regarding your health or vaccination status will be given to any third party.

We are requesting that as much as possible only dancers enter the studio (with the exception of New Dancers/Mini Movers/Pre Intro classes were necessary).  We request that dancers be dropped off and collected from the external studio doors.  If Parents/Caregivers do need to come into the studio we request that you are vaccinated, wear a mask and register with the QR Code and/or sign-in register.  My Vaccine Pass must be presented if requested.

Masks are to be worn by all dancers and families (over 12 years old) when entering the AMJAZZ Building.  Dancers can remove masks once they enter the dance studio and are ready to dance.

Our dance studios and props will be cleaned regularly to ensure cleanliness of our studios.

Social Distancing is encouraged in all areas of AMJAZZ Buildings at all times.  AMJAZZ will continue to encourage social distancing within the dance studio and will ensure actions such as smaller groups performing so that distance between dancers is acceptable.

It is a requirement of AMJAZZ Ltd that all our teachers and staff are fully vaccinated and follow our Covid-19 Policy.  If a staff member is sick they will not come to the studio.  If they are awaiting a covid test result, they will step down from classes until they return a negative test and their symptoms are gone.  If a staff member tests positive for Covid-19, we will follow MOH guidelines and we will advise any close contacts (i.e. dancers/ families in attendance) to do the same. Where dance class relief is unable to be found, a make-up class will be offered.

AMJAZZ will continue to keep a record of dancers attending each class


  • Compulsory Hand Sanitizer is still available in each studio.
  • All drink bottles must be named.
  • Minimal belongings are to be brought into the studio.
  • Aerial classes are encouraged to bring their own Yoga mats
  • Please do not attend class if you / your dancer is feeling unwell or are still recovering from illness. If you are awaiting a covid test result, you should comply with the government policies regarding self-isolation.

This is a very difficult time for many and you may be feeling anxious or stressed please reach out if you are requiring support or have questions or queries.

Please find below links for accessing your ‘My Covid Pass’ and others:

My Covid Record: Proof of vaccination status | Ministry of Health NZ

Recreation at Green | Unite against COVID-19 (

Recreation at Orange | Unite against COVID-19 (

Recreation at Red | Unite against COVID-19 (